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Our existing Gas customers get 14% off Gas when buying Hive Active Heating*
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Our existing Gas customers get 14% off Gas when buying Hive Active Heating*

* Saving is based on annual gas usage of 13,800kWh at the BGE standard rate on 02.06.15 when entry-level remote heating controls are installed as per SEAI Energy Savings. Savings are dependent on customer behaviour change in their usage.

** Boiler Care Terms and Conditions apply

*** UPDATE HERE - 14% Offer Terms and Conditions apply

Click here for our Terms and Conditions for Hive

† Multizones will incur additional costs

Control your heating from your mobile

Great news! Hive is now available in Ireland from Bord Gáis Energy.

Hive lets you control your heating and hot water remotely, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Hive works with your existing central heating system and there’s no need to change your energy supplier.

Its intuitive design and award-winning technology means there's no need to heat an empty home, or come back to a cold one.

PLUS if you're an existing Bord Gáis Energy customer we're offering you a 14% discount off our standard gas unit rates when you purchase Hive***

Not thinking of a boiler service?

Save up to €120 a year*

Mobile phone showing the Hive Heating Control app

Hive helps you to be more energy efficient because you only use your heating and hot water when you need to. With Hive you could save up to €120 a year* on your heating bills and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

Set a heating schedule that suits you

Hive lets you set 6 events per day. If you have a separate hot water tank, you can control your hot water remotely too. Plus, if you want to extend your heating or hot water schedule, you can do this easily with the Hive 'boost' feature on the thermostat and app.

The Geolocation feature can remind you to switch your heating on or off when you're coming or leaving home. And, if you're going away for longer, just tell Hive your holiday dates and your heating will sleep until you return – so you can always come back to a warm home.

Professional installation in 60 minutes

An image of the thermostat frontplate

Hive comes with professional installation by a Bord Gáis Energy Service Engineer. Installation is included in the price and it takes around 60 minutes to install the kit alongside your existing central heating system. There’s no need to change your energy supplier.

Check how much energy you’re using

Hive also lets you see how the temperature inside your home has changed over time – a day, week, month or even a whole year.

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