Smart Home - Hive Products Overview

Hive Active Overview™

Hive design wireless products that let you control your home from your mobile, tablet or laptop - Anytime, Anywhere.

From Hive Active Heating to the new Hive Active Light, Hive Active Plug and Hive Sensors, all created to make clever tech simple.


Smart Home Products


Hive Active Heating

Change your heating and hot water (if you have a hot water tank) settings from your phone, wherever you are.

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Hive Active Light

Our new smart bulbs are a breeze to install, simply replace your existing light bulb with a bayonet or screw Hive Active Light bulb, and pair with your Hive Hub.

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Active Sensors

Hive Sensors

Our clever wireless sensors send an alert to your smartphone if there's movement in your home, or your windows or doors are opened or closed. It's as if your home is talking to you.

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Acitve Plugs

Hive Active Plug

The smart plug that lets you control your home electrical appliances from your mobile, tablet or laptop. Now you'll be able to turn things on and off, wherever you are.

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Hive Hub

Hive Hub

The Hub is the heart of your smart home. This little marvel connects all of your Hive products to our award winning Hive App, making it easy to control your home from your phone.

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